Venues of Excellence provides the perfect partner to relaunch your venue post COVID-19

Mandy Jennings

Well what a year it’s been… one that we will always look back and say .. Remember 2020…what  a year that was!

It’s really encouraging to see some green shoots in the hospitality world.. we have seen hotels opening, restaurants welcoming people in their droves with the government “Eat Out” initiative. Meanwhile for conference and events it’s a much slower and deliberate approach, obviously due to keeping everyone safe and we all appreciate the reasons….

However the big question is.. is now the right time to start selling? ..  and do you need a more robust planned approach than the softer style keeping in touch calls and zooms?

Various schools of thought on this .. but nothing is more certain we now need to have our “ducks in a row”, to “spring into action”, and be able to “plan, plan, plan” which some of you may feel … “OMG what on earth do we do now!”… because no matter how experienced you may be …none of us have come out of a scenario like this one before!

So that’s where we can help

Being part of a family like Venues of Excellence can offer that additional sales and marketing drive and focus, and also a whole host of other support mechanisms to help you get back right out there in the market.  Venues of Excellence membership offers conference led venues a route to market and support in the meetings, conference and event world to give you confidence in your reopening plan.

So what’s in it for you?

Well read for yourself all about the fantastic benefits of being part of a this amazing family of the highest quality venues who offer exceptional conference, meetings and event spaces and if you would like some time with me or one of the fabulous VOE team, let’s arrange a Zoom to Boom so we can share our plans and you can tell us how we can support you?

Download our promotional membership flyer and speak to one of the team today.