Venue of Excellence Members deem VR tours highly important to their business.


Read our guest blog from Preferred Partner Viewit 360. As many of you know, during our recent annual conference, we held a workshop hosted by Noel Sexton, director of View It 360.  During this session, Noel gave us an insight into the emerging technologies and how they can make an impact on your business.

During the two sessions, all the attendees kindly filled out an importance questionnaire which gave the options of VR Tours, Augmented Reality, Virtual Conference Rooms and 360 VR Training. Below is a table of this result, clearly showing that VR tours are the number one must have for your business whilst Augmented Reality was the second most popular choice followed by 360 VR video training with the least deemed service being that of Virtual Conference Rooms.


So why are VR tours the must have visual marketing aid?

Statistics have clearly shown that when you offer a virtual tour on your website, it will drive traffic and increase engagement, increase bookings with the estimated ROI is within 3 months.

A recent case study with a client of View It 360 showed that in the last two years they had seen a shift of 13% toward online bookings whilst direct bookings had increased by 9%. Furthermore, one of our members recently tweeted that they had secured a booking direct from the VR tour produced by View It 360 without the customer even making a site visit – impressive!


Staying ahead of your competitors! 

A number of our members have already worked with View It 360, creating virtual tours of their venues. One aspect that they are fantastic at is creating innovating new additional services to help our members stand out from the crowd. These now include automatic audio, music and automatic pop up boxes that work from a specific chosen position within any Matterport tour. These additional services are only available through View It 360 and not available from other virtual tour providers. They are also now creating interactive maps for our venues that offer more than one tour at a site location and guidance maps to help visitors find their way to the right location without any stress or delay

Why not have a chat?

We are sure many of you have met Noel at various VOE events and as part of their partnership with us, Noel is happy to make a free site visit to offer advice and quotations of works to any of our members. Whatever media marketing ideas you have, why not give View It 360 a call to chat through what you have in mind!


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