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We work in partnership with Paje Learning and Development to deliver a host of industry-specific training courses.

Alongside a team of Associate Partners, the Learning and Development Academy offers first class expertise across the spectrum of training for the hospitality industry including sales, marketing, leadership and revenue management.

The training courses run throughout the year and are available to attend for anyone within the industry. Venues of Excellence member venues are able to attend the courses at a reduced rate.

Paje Consultancy has been operating for over 10 years and consist of a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable sales and marketing consultants who offer vast expertise specifically in the Meetings, Conference, Training, and the Events industry. We have frontline experience and add immense value to any hospitality business wishing to increase sales and build on their awareness…. Never has this been so important!

The recent PWC UK Hotels Forecast stated [October 2020] “the bleakest outlook since benchmarking began, hotel occupancy rates in 2021 are forecast to be 55% across the UK and could take four years to return to pre Covid19 business levels”.  The market will be uneven and recovery equally uneven.  What is certain is uncertainty, businesses should be prepared and agile.

Many  sales and events teams in hotels and conference venues have been furloughed. Significant redundancies have been made, or those left working have been put under immense pressure to keep things on track .… this has meant teams multi-skilling to cover multiple areas, a lack of confidence for those returning or starting new roles…   never has there been a better time to invest in our people to get them match ready for the future!

As an industry, we must build and prepare for the future – to retain and support existing staff and recruiting new people. Our strapline must surely be “Strive to Thrive”

Training for the future, when we don’t really know what the future looks like – why? What is certain, business will return but perhaps not to the levels we expected prior to Covid19 for some time.   As we all move into the whole new world, post Covid, it will be even more important for your property and your team to shine bright like the diamonds they are.  Customers will also be operating in a changing landscape – lets make sure your teams are ready to deliver for them.

The distinct advantages of training both teams and individuals, especially in this current business climate, can I believe be summed up below:-

Improved employee performance = better customer satisfaction = more opportunity = ROI

Your customers know, from the first interaction how well your staff are trained in their role.  Training helps give staff focus, confidence, structure and process –  offering  greater customer experience and customers desire to return.

Employee satisfaction & retention – if employees have been on long term furlough, will your team be fully engaged with your business, your objectives and forward plans for themselves and the business? Training your staff can help you retain them and is a valuable method to keep employees engaged, inspired and informed, and keep your business ahead of the curve.

ROI: simple processes to measure success and positive outcomes. ROI can be easily demonstrated,  for example through effective enquiry handling training achieving improved conversion, better diary management and increased enquiries.

It’s imperative to be business ready – our wonderful industry will return, already strong discussions about vaccine and the impacts that will have on UK/World return to a normal.  Are you and your teams business ready? I passionately believe we can help and support your business to be on your A Game and ready for action when the return to business happens.

Paje Consultancy have supported over 90 venues at Venues of Excellence and Academic Venue Solutions throughout 2020 so I wanted to consider how we might support people and businesses in our new world order.

I feel so very fortunate to have spent my whole career in this amazing industry and I believe passionately, right now it’s my opportunity to give something back.  I want to offer a helping hand to the industry that I love to get back on it’s feet in the best way I know possible. By offering our support, passion and sharing our knowledge through training and development.

I’m so proud to have worked with some of the most outstanding people in the hospitality industry throughout my career – some of whom I’ve collaborated with recently to bring together our outstanding new online packages of support and training.  Paje Consulting and our Associates are delighted to offer these packages at significantly discounted pricing, our way of supporting hospitality businesses and individuals.

Conference & Event Sales Office – Sales Office Excellence

Invest in the engine room of your business… the team who can make the difference to your targets and profitability.  The first-person people speak to when they want to book an event so the first impression for your venue before a client even sees your sparkling reception desk!

Make sure your enquiry handling team are first class and the rest will follow!

Enquiry handling best practice, working to industry standard and BDRC benchmarking criteria, covered in 9 x one-hour interactive workshops, along with 1-1 support.

Course completed over 12 weeks including introduction, 9 modules and assessment. (Download PDF: Sales Office Excellence)

iRevenue.co.uk – online ‘workplace essentials’ training courses

 Supporting your commercial and revenue teams so they are upskilled and confident in making calculated decisions about your business pricing strategy.

Includes custom built training courses, revenue management leadership training courses and opportunity to access ‘second opinion’ real life revenue management queries in your business.

Invitations to scheduled panel discussion with industry experts, and quiz to test learning at the end of each module and that all important certification upon completion of the course. (Download PDF: iRevenue)

Ready 2 Return – Sales & Marketing Package

Bi-weekly 90-minute interactive Sales & Marketing workshops, prepared and delivered live on a virtual platform by Paje Learning & Development Academy, designed around getting your proactive team ready to return. Aimed at developing your team’s skills and expertise, expanding your knowledge on a range of innovative subjects and improving sales and marketing strategies and plans.  Supported with assignments and objective setting and 1 on 1 support. (Download PDF: Ready 2 Return)

Venue Sales & Enquiry Outsource and Support Service

In these difficult and unprecedented times, maybe you need a helping hand.  Maybe you’ve had to make some very difficult decisions and close your business for a short time in order to reduce costs or reduced the team and need a proactive sales and marketing provision.  Paje Consultancy have put together a number of outsource and support packages outlined below that could help you. (Download PDF: Outsourcing & Support from VOE)

Sales & Marketing Package – a full enquiry, sales and marketing function using our experienced inhouse team.

Essentials Package – a simple solution to answer your business enquiries, working to your given parameters to offer space, pricing and proposals to your clients.  Making sure you don’t miss out on any important enquiries.

We are here to support your wonderful teams and businesses in hospitality that have been through the worst of times in 2020.  I’m a firm believer that collaboration is a key to success.  Let us work with you to help your business and this industry get back to being the best it can be. #strongertogether

Please get in touch with academy@paje-uk.com if you have any queries.

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