A vital part of your local SEO strategy should be to claim and verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing. If you haven’t yet, then this is a must. There is a handy guide here.  Now you have a listing it’s essential to follow some easy steps to make sure it’s all up to date and optimise. But remember, there are no shortcuts with this. Google doesn’t tell us how the algorithm that determines rank works but follow these tips to give your venue a good start.

  1. Complete the required information – if you don’t, someone else might

Ever noticed the ‘suggest edits’ line on google listings? Well if you haven’t completed all the info, then other people can. It’s best to be in control of this information yourself for accuracy.

  1. Consistent address information

Your address information will show up online in multiple places like your website, GMB and social media. Keep them consistent to help Google know it’s you. So cross-check how it appears everywhere and keep it the same including things like ‘Staffs’ and ‘Staffordshire’, pick a way of writing it and keep it consistent.

  1. Content

There are lots of things to include here that will make a difference so spend some time on this:

  • Pictures and Virtual tours – we know the importance of these online so make sure you choose your best (minimum 3) for your listing
  • Introduction – describe all the facets of your business and what makes you unique
  • Posts – use this function on GMB to add little bits of fresh content each week. Whether its an event, offer or perhaps a blog post
  • Q&As – This is a new feature that enables people to ask questions on your GMB about your business, and you can answer them. NB. Other people can answer them too (even your competitors), so make sure you check in regularly to answer questions.
Bonus hint: there is an app you can download to manage GMB from your phone!