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CEME Conference Centre is an Award-Winning, Gold Accredited events and meetings venue in East London located just 6 minutes from Capital Karts and provides ‘state of the art’ conference facilities on an 18-acre Business and Education Campus with some of the most amazing meeting space anywhere. All Meeting rooms include pads, pens, blotters, CEME Water, mints, flip-charts, plasma screens and complimentary Wi Fi. CEME are members of the MIA and Conference Centres of Excellence and a World Host venue for outstanding customer service and are proud to partner with Capital Karts, Essex Boot Camp and WildGoose Events in the delivery of amazing team-building experiences.

Packages comprise of:
Morning conference facilities that include full refreshments – tea, coffee, pastries,
Orange juice and biscuits
Hot bowl food lunch
Team building activity
Bespoke event to suit your group size for 6 to 300 delegates

Choose your activity
Capital Karts: They have the UK’s longest indoor Go Karting track – three times the length of a regular track. Capital Karts offer an exhilarating racing experience for individual and team events. The bespoke Le Mans events ensure that team work , tactics and calculated risks will make the difference between victory on the podium or staying in the ‘pits’.

If your idea of team building is ‘jumping through hoops’, ‘tying knots’ and ‘full on’ tasks requiring real team communication, Boot Camp is it. The most invigorating, inspiring and motivational activity your Team might ever experience. CEME Conference Centre have ‘teamed up’ with Essex Boot Camp to offer the most fantastic, exciting, value for money Team-Building adventure for years.

Cryptic messages, secret codes and covert missions are all features of the exciting Spy School challenge. Teams will take to the venue grounds to complete a range of spy-inspired tasks, challenges and questions.

Armed with an iPad as your guide, this team event includes Creative spy-themed challenges activated by GPS and Image Recognition. Tasks and questions requiring an eye for detail as well as a magnificent memory. Spy related photo and video challenges that will get teams being creative, and working together. A series of clues to discover who killed agent Jones! Available as an indoor, outdoor challenge (or a mixture of both) depending on your preference. (Minimum 15 persons)

The Escape; The question is simple; do you and your team have what it takes to escape? Armed with tablets featuring interactive game screens, teams will have to solve puzzles, unpick evidence, unravel cryptic messages and avoid the curveballs that will be thrown at them along the way. Teamwork and problem-solving skills will be thoroughly tested in this virtual escape scenario. CEME Conference Centre will provide the backdrop as teams work to crack the code, beat the clock and ultimately make their escape. The features of this challenge include: Puzzles, riddles and cryptic messages, Timed challenges, Augmented Reality. A unique storyline to keep participants engagedDesigned for indoor gameplay (Minimum 15 persons)

The Pitch/Apprentice is designed to test entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, creativity, communication and presentation skills as well as promoting time-management, leadership and teamwork, this challenge will put teams through their paces. Presented with a series of tasks on their tablets, teams will be required to: Identify each other’s strengths and delegate roles. Fulfil a range of business objectives in a logical order -everything from designing logos, filming adverts and creating marketing materials, to creating a product.  Aim to score extra points by taking on bonus business challenges and by investing points in other teams’ companies.  Pitch their product to their peers. The group then use the technology within the app to vote for their favourite team in an exciting and tense finale!(Minimum 15 persons)All for just £99.00 per delegate

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