Working in a woodland wonderland – Warwick Conferences launches new outdoor space

Event organisers can now make the most of Warwick Conferences’ tranquil green spaces after the venue announced the launch of its new outdoor meeting offering, The Woodland Retreat.

Conveniently located near Scarman, The Woodland Retreat offers a serene woodland environment, designed to help engage delegates and boost productivity. Offering a unique meeting space which helps visitors escape technology, delegates and hosts will be able to make the most of nature and truly focus on the task at hand.

Blending in with nature, the space is framed by borders consisting of trees and shrubbery, while the team has created a campfire-themed shelter to bring delegates together. The space benefits from wooden railway sleepers, which create solid seating, while cushions are also provided for comfort.

With delegate welfare an increasing concern for event managers, Warwick Conferences’ Woodland Retreat can be hired all day, or as part of a meeting, to allow delegates to benefit from fresh air and nature. Spending time in nature has a range of potential benefits, including reducing stress and increasing happiness, and Warwick Conferences hopes the new space will provide organisers with an easy way to improve delegate wellbeing.

Warwick Conferences’ award-winning catering service will also be available, via a picnic and refreshment service. Carts will be supplied to transport any working materials, allowing team leaders to create truly unique team building experiences.

Jean Hill, Facilities Manager at Warwick Conferences, said: “We are passionate about listening to our customers as we are always trying to enhance their experiences here at Warwick Conferences. The Woodland Retreat is a prime example of our dedication to implementing our feedback. This area was created in response to requests from event organisers to have the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful green spaces available at Warwick Conferences to host meetings in.”

A contingency plan will also be in place should the weather be unsuitable for an outdoor event. Being located closely to Scarman, Warwick Conferences will hold one of its creative spaces to ensure event organisers can still organise an event which inspires and motivates.

In keeping with previous sustainability efforts, the surroundings have been maintained as the pathways leading to the area remain in their natural conditions. Further in line with Warwick Conferences’ efforts to operate in an eco-friendly manner, bug hotels and bird feeders have been placed throughout the area to attract local wildlife to visit the site.

Jean concludes: “The natural space is our latest innovative offer after we launched our creative spaces and kitchen rooms last year. We also have plans in the immediate future to further increase our outdoor space services, as we continue looking for ways to improve delegate wellbeing.”

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