Make Venues Install Defibrillators Across its Venues

Make Venues has installed public defibrillators across its three venues as part of its ongoing commitment to delegate health and safety. However, as well as installing the life-saving devices, the business has also trained a number of staff members, at each of the venues, to ensure they have advanced knowledge of the equipment and can use it confidently and quickly if needed.

The commitment underlines why the venue group continues to receive accolades for its commitment to customer service and demonstrates its drive towards professional business in everything it does.

“It’s a simple health and safety initiative using modern equipment that can be used quickly and efficiently in the unfortunate case of an onsite issue,” commented John Turpin, Head of Group Central Services, Make Venues. “What we try and do though with any initiative, especially those relevant to the safety of guests on site, is to look at ways where we can go one better for our customers. The additional layer of specialist staff training on this equipment shows how seriously we take this.”

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