Learning facilities accredited at Warwick Conferences

Warwick Conferences has once again achieved the globally-recognised benchmark for workplace learning facilities, after receiving accreditation with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

The LPI is the leading authority on workplace learning, and Warwick Conferences’ renewed accreditation demonstrates quality standards for successful learning events, and commitment to the learning and development (L&D) sector. By achieving the accreditation, Warwick Conferences’ venues offer an enhanced learning and development experience.

Warwick Conferences has recently boosted its L&D offering by being among one of the first to transform traditional meeting rooms into creative spaces. Innovative settings, such as quirky kitchen and lounge areas designed to inspire, have all been introduced to encourage greater engagement and new ways of thinking.

Michael Strawbridge, Global Head of Content, Networks & Member Services (FLPI) at the LPI said: “Warwick Conferences’ Learning Facilities accreditation serves as an absolute guarantee of quality; a commitment to the provision of outstanding and high-quality services to the learning sector.

“Organisations looking for the best venues for learning events can be assured that Warwick Conferences will provide everything they need for a successful event, and in this regard they are unhesitatingly recommended by the Learning and Performance Institute.”

Warwick Conferences’ commitment to the learning and development sector was heightened earlier this year, when it launched a report discussing the role L&D can have in creating certainty for business in an uncertain future. In addition, it has started to develop a new meeting space outdoors – The Wellness Retreat – while also working with a local training provider to devise a modern twist on a conventional boardroom.

Andrew Taylor, Head of Conference Centres at Warwick Conferences, added: “We are continually looking at new ways to deliver an experience rather than just a space, to make training more memorable and effective for businesses large and small.

“In addition to the recognition of our facilities, our accreditation with the LPI will help with our own learning, giving us greater insight into the changing needs and trends to enable us to deliver the perfect learning environment.”

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