IACC has published two guides which define new approaches to serving food and beverages at business events, conferences and meetings.

The IACC Guide to Re-Imagining Refreshment Breaks and the IACC Guide to Re-Imagining Conference Breaks were developed from research and insights from global IACC certified venues. The guides look beyond short-term measures and instead look to imaginative approaches that can positively change the way attendees experience dining.

IACC worked with food and beverage experts, many of which have been operating venues for events successfully over the last eight months, exploring the key differences starting with the sales and planning process, exploring service styles, attendee flows, waste and pricing strategies. Both of the guides can be viewed and downloaded from the IACC website.

Commenting on the guides, IACC CEO Mark Cooper said: “These two guides offer such rich advice, because they are the perspectives of those experts who have already experienced serving groups again and can see the change in behaviours that can shape the way we serve our attendees for years to come”.

Cooper continued: “When I see solutions that will improve the experience for our clients even when compared to pre-pandemic, that is when I get very excited about these innovations”.

IACC wishes to thank all those F&B experts who participated in the development of these guides and numerous online sessions attended by IACC leaders worldwide.

IACC has also published a critical pathway to re-opening conference, meeting and training venues and shares other important insights from its 400 member meeting venues located in 26 countries, all certified to exacting standards.