Golden Jubilee Top 100 for Equality

Top 100 for UK Equality

The Golden Jubilee Foundation has been named as one of the top 100 employers in the UK for supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) members of staff in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (WEI).

The WEI is a measurement of how an organisation is meeting the needs of LGBT staff, along with serving as an effective indication of how progress is being met against general equality targets.

The Foundation, which includes the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Conference Hotel, Innovation Centre and Research Institute, has faced rigorous competition from amongst the 439 organisations which took part in the WEI this year making to meet a series of strict criteria, ranking 63rd in the UK as a whole.

Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee, Jill Young, commented on the accomplishment saying: “We are delighted to once again be recognised as one of the top employers in the UK who are dedicated to celebrating equality and diversity within our workforce. Without the wide range of backgrounds, experiences and talents of the people who make up our team, we would not be able to carry out the life-changing work we carry out for NHS Scotland on a daily basis.

“In 2016, we worked extensively with other NHS Health Boards and a range of other public bodies across the country as well as the Scottish Government to support and advise them on how to improve their awareness, understanding and implementation of a Values based workforce approach. Going forward we look forward to continuing to help improve the working lives of LGBT staff and experience of LGBT service users not only at the Golden Jubilee, but throughout the UK.”

The Golden Jubilee Foundation has a very strong track record in equality and diversity, ranking in the top 100 employers in the UK three years in a row, as well as recently receiving the Icon Award for Employer of the Year (Over 200 Employees).