Forum sees Industry Leaders Discuss the Business Case for Wellness

EEF Venues hosted the first of a series of roundtable discussions on ‘The Business of Wellbeing’ last month at Broadway House. The event was part of the group’s campaign to support the industry’s move towards better wellness in the workplace, and involved a small group of business leaders and industry commentators to share and discuss their approach to tracking, evaluating, and presenting a business case for wellness, within their own organisations.

The initiative, intrinsic to EEF Venues commitment to prioritising health and wellness, both within its own organisation, and the wider events community, intended to raise attention to the subject of ‘wellness’, particularly its impact on business sustainability and how business leaders can, and should, focus on employee wellness as a conscious business decision.

The first roundtable session included; Jason Allan Scott, The Guest List Podcast and business wellness expert; Hannah Luffman, Unicorn Events; Mark Stormont, Stormont London; Holly Shiell, Active International; Laila Datoo, Event Fuel and A Life More Mindful; and David Vaughton, Managing Director, EEF Venues. The meeting highlighting the concerns and challenges associated with corporate wellness programs, such as; the inability to measure or manage wellbeing. The conversation underlined key fundamental insights which EEF Venues have shared in their industry report ‘The Business of Wellbeing’ as contribution to the wellness charge.

“It was great hearing from other business leaders and understanding how they are approaching wellbeing within their organisations. As a business leader, you always want to improve and grow your company, so it’s extremely beneficial to learn about the structures that are currently out there and what works and what doesn’t, particularly in the management and measurement of corporate wellness,” commented David Vaughton, Managing Director at EEF Venues.

“At EEF Venues, we recognise the impact wellness can have on business sustainability and this is something we are keen to continue to explore. It does seem evident however, that there are both financial and ethical rewards for making wellness a business priority, which was what we set out to discover when we started this campaign.”

The session concluded that motivating work culture can make a leader out of everyone, and in order to achieve culture sustainability, and a mentally healthy workplace, organisations need to consider developing a comprehensive strategy to help people stay well at work, a topic EEF Venues will further table whilst hosting their second event programme during Eventwell Campaign Week 17th – 21st September.

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