EEF Venues to Offer Smart Tours to Organisers

EEF Venues to Offer Smart Tours to Organisers

EEF Venues is offering event organisers ‘smarter’ virtual tours across its three venues in Bristol, Leamington Spa and London. The Matterport 360-scan system and its award winning ‘dolls house’ viewing technology has already gone live at the group’s Woodland Grange and Engineers’ House venues, with Broadway House to follow later this month.

The tours make it easier for bookers to see inside the group’s venues and to quickly identify suitable spaces for their events, and how best to utilise both the individual rooms, and the wider meeting environments. EEF Venues work with many national corporate businesses, and the technology has been introduced to allow event planners to view the venues on line at their desks, as well as on site.

“We have a lot of repeat customers who organise meetings across our venues, they know the properties, they come often, so they don’t always need to do formal show rounds,” commented John Turpin, Venue Manager, Woodland Grange. “This technology allows them to sit at their desks and get a quick reminder of how the space works and to allow them to plan their meeting remotely. It’s a great system and it means we can work with our clients both on site and remotely.”

“Most importantly, it’s a really easy to use platform for our customers to use; both new ones and our long-term partners. It allows them to not just to see the rooms, but to wander the corridors, understand how the break out spaces work, look at each element of the meeting, and re imagine how they will use the venue,” continued John.

The technology also includes smart information tags which bring features to life within the venue, from downloadable menus, details about the AV options and embedded photographs and images of different room set-ups or previous events. Customers can even make enquiries directly within the tours.

“There’s simply no better way to view a venue without actually standing inside it,” says Francis Buchanan, owner and founder of 360-scan. “As the internet is first stop for so many event organisers, this is a tremendous tool to showcase any premises. The Virtual Reality walkthroughs 360-scan produces draws interest and attract potential clients before they even visit the place. This improves the efficiency of the staff at the venue as, without so many tours, they are able to concentrate on the serious clients. Definitely a win/win situation for all.”

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