EEF Venues places wellbeing at the heart of the business

EEF Venues places wellbeing at the heart of the business

EEF Venues has appointed a ‘Wellbeing Champion’ at each of its three venues. Part of an initiative by its parent body, the EEF, to prioritise the health and wellbeing of its staff, these new voluntary roles have been ably filled by Luke Brady at Woodland Grange in Leamington Spa, Fergus Brazier at Engineers’ House in Bristol and Jennifer Russell-Cairns at Broadway House, Westminster.

Each now acts as a catalyst to raise awareness of how work can affect our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and the impact it can have on customer service.
As Wellbeing Champions, each individual now acts as an enabler to make improvements to the culture and working environment at the three venues, as well as signposting those who may need support to further resources and help.

David Vaughton, managing director of EEF venues said: “A happy team equals happy customers so everything we can do to make the working environment a supportive and enjoyable place has a direct impact on our business, from staff retention right through to customer loyalty.

“This initiative is about bringing people together and providing an individual at each of our venues who will be there when needed and who will listen, support and guide an individual to further help. It’s about engaging with people to ensure the physical, emotional and mental health of our teams.”

Each of the Wellbeing Champions has now been tasked with creating proposals on how they can improve the working life of the teams at the three venues.

Ideas range from encouraging lunch-time walks to getting involved in charity and sporting events, workshops and staff outings.

“Stress in the workplace and mental health are issues that we are all aware of in the corporate world. Our wellbeing initiative is founded on the simple notion of treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. It’s about relationships, mutual respect and understanding in the workplace”, said David Vaughton.

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