EEF Venues Launches Wellbeing Campaign

EEF Venues is a launching a new campaign to support the meetings and events industry’s move towards wellness. The initiative will focus on the business argument for better wellness around delegates and staff, to try and encourage greater corporate support for the movement. Earlier this year, the group announced the appointment of wellness champions in each of the group’s venues, but the businesses commitment extends further than that.

“There are two arguments for a long-term commitment to wellness in the work place; the emotional and the more pragmatic,” comments David Vaughton, Managing Director, EEF Venues. “The emotional side; which is about looking after people, doing the right thing, and putting strong ethics into your business, has been covered very well. We’re also interested in the financial imperative as well though.”

“We see a direct relationship between wellness and customer service; it’s obvious, but also very demonstrable,” continues David. “Great training and recruitment can create strong customer service in a business, but wellness shows deeper care, and engenders an even better standard of service from staff. This creates customer loyalty and so directly feeds into the businesses performance.”

The campaign will include two roundtable discussions over the next six months, where event organisers, and fellow venues, will share how they track, evaluate and present a business case for wellness amongst both delegates and staff within event companies.

“Businesses are showing a real drive towards wellness as part of their procurement strategy, so like sustainability it needs to show a financial reward as well as an ethical one. This is what the campaign is all about and why we’re looking forward to sharing it with the industry,” concludes David.

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