EEF Venues Forecasts Further Growth for 2017

EEF Venues predicts 5% growth in 2017, bringing its annual turnover to over £6.5 million.

Following 32% consolidated growth in turnover over the past three years, the group behind three AIM Gold accredited venues; Broadway House, (Westminster), Engineers’ House (Bristol) and Woodland Grange (Leamington Spa), expects that growth will still be achievable this year, albeit at a less accelerated rate.

David Vaughton, director of venues for EEF Venues, said: “Whilst our advance order book for the first quarter of 2017 has already surpassed the corresponding period from last year, we are cautiously optimistic for the rest of the year. Less accelerated growth is to be expected in anticipation of contraction in and around when Brexit is triggered in March 2017.

“Our strategy is and always will be to be agile and open to change. We constantly review our sales and marketing strategy and tactics to ensure that we continue to evolve and take advantage of opportunities. Our growth to date isn’t down to easier trading conditions but about getting better at seizing opportunities, better positioning and a highly targeted, relationship-driven sales strategy. Above all, customer service excellence and quality will continue to underpin our growth”.

Throughout 2016, EEF Venues expanded its corporate client base within the professional services and manufacturing sectors, as well as penetrating the associations and clubs sector and maximising weekend residential sales at its Woodland Grange flagship venue in Warwickshire.