Come and Get inspired at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

GJH-Main-EntranceClients, colleagues and stakeholders were recently invited to a special first look at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel’s new Inspiration Space.

The Inspiration Space is a brand new versatile and flexible meeting space, which will allow the Hotel to continue to grow as a Venue of Excellence as they receive an ever increasing number of delegates from around the UK and beyond.

Director of the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Bronagh Bell, commented on the new facility, saying: “We wanted to create an open and bright space that could be used by meeting planners, to encourage innovation, collaboration and creativity: basically to provide a blank canvas that would allow organisers to roll out their ideal event.”

The room can be open plan, or divided into three separate areas, offering space for more than 100 delegates in a plenary session and 30 per-area in a break-out setting.

Bronagh added: “It’s a fabulous space, right beside our Central Plaza hub, with the technology in place to support top level conferences. From the outset our aim was to bring the outdoors inside, and the Inspiration Space is flooded with light from our adjoining gardens, which we hope will not only result in dynamic and energetic events, but will encourage delegates to take part in ‘walk and talk’ sessions, or get outside and enjoy the scenery in between sessions.”

“The most popular meeting style today is the ‘cabaret’ format. Our Arcoona meeting room can support cabaret conferences for up to 150 delegates, but we had to turn down other events as suitable spaces were full. This made creating the Inspiration Space an easy decision for us. Not only does it allow us to continue to support the Golden Jubilee Foundation’s aim of leading quality, research and innovation, carrying on the themes and technology available in our Innovation Centre, but it will also allow us to meet this increasing demand and offer a first-class experience to our delegates. We are very excited about the possibilities of this space, let’s hope people get inspired!”