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For over 21 years, Venues of Excellence has focused on bringing together a group of dedicated conference, training and event providers which share the highest possible standards of facilities and service quality.

As the UK’s largest sales and marketing consortium of specialist conference, meeting and training venues we are able to offer considerable benefits to individual venues. The value proposition of our membership gives you so much more than other sales and marketing representation companies, enabling you to split the cost of your membership across your business, confident in the knowledge that all your teams involved with Venues of Excellence will be engaged in quality and the kite-mark of Excellence.

Membership Benefits



We work closely with the key conference placement agencies to gain useful knowledge on their client base and help to gain appointments and presentation days for our members.


Learning and Development

Venues of Excellence Training courses provide a unique environment where you can share your experience with, and learn from, your industry colleagues and our experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.


Member Events

Providing a safe environment within which our members are open to sharing information for the greater good of the whole consortium.


Cost Savings

Keeping you connected, we can put you in touch with member venues when you are reviewing suppliers to potentially make huge savings.




Leverage the power of our website and place your venue in front of an average 15000 unique visitors per year.



We regularly attend and host exhibitions throughout the year providing amazing publicity to the group of venues we represent.


Direct Marketing and Social

Reach thousands of potential clients through our client database and engage through email marketing and social marketing campaigns.



Place your venue in the minds of specialised event organisers with our focused PR and marketing strategy.

To speak to our Executive Director, Mandy Jennings call – 0345 230 1414

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Moor Hall

Moor Hall were delighted to pass inspection and become part of Venues of Excellence in November 2014; since then we have used the theme of ‘excellence’ for a training programme for our teams making sure that we all strive for excellence in everything we do; from an extra polish of the taps in our bedrooms, to all areas of customer service.

We have enjoyed the Venues of Excellence General Manager’s and Principal’s Forums, and the Sales and Marketing Meetings, learning from our peers, visiting great venues and always picking up top tips and ideas from each meeting. When we were looking for a new bar EPoS system, and a refurbishment of our washroom facilities, it was fantastic to be able to have recommendations for suppliers and indications of the costs involved from other Venues of Excellence venues.

We have also earned nearly £700 back in commission by referring bookings that we were unable to take into the VOE venue finding service. In fact, Moor Hall was the top referrer at the October Venues of Excellence Sales and Marketing Meeting – we were so proud. We are aiming to refer enough business to make back our annual fee!

Through Venues of Excellence Moor Hall has had the opportunity to exhibit at the CIPD Show, The Meetings Show and Office 2015 gaining many new contacts and driving some excellent bookings into Moor Hall. We are looking forward to attending more exhibitions in 2016 including the BNC Global Event Show, and perhaps an even bigger stand and brand presence at The Meetings Show.

Claire Pearce
General Manager, Moor Hall

Lancaster Conferences

At Lancaster Conferences we are looking to increase our presence in the meetings market and felt that Venues of Excellence offered us the opportunity to project our venues as a quality product offering excellence in meeting facilities. We also felt membership would allow us to attend a number of trade shows and exhibitions at a shared reduced cost and allow us sales and marketing opportunities that would be difficult to do as an individual unit on a limited budget.

Since joining we have seen that Venues of Excellence is all this….. and more. There is a real culture that allows sharing of ideas & best practice across all areas of the business (Procurement, F&B, etc) over and above the sales and marketing opportunities. In addition we have received 4 leads in the first 2 weeks of membership with 2 that are real possibilities.

There is also a wide range of training and development courses that are specifically designed for our industry needs. We have attended the Venues of Excellence Annual Conference which was excellent and very informative. It has been a very good start to our Venues of Excellence membership.

Chris Jarvis,
Business Development Manager,
Lancaster Conferences

EEF Venues

The Zibrant Agency Presentation for Members which I attended was, by far, the most agency targeted presentation I have ever attended. The format of directing people who actually book in specific locations, to the appropriate venues was so simple but effective. It was useful to understand the background of how the Zibrant agency works and we came away with a specific enquiry for one of our venues worth £2.3k.

Anna Poole
National Sales Manager, EEF Venues

Cranfield University

Venues of Excellence venues have successfully linked with Kinetics Solutions to deliver bespoke training for our venues. Our team members have been able to receive dedicated training on the system at the same time meeting staff from other venues in similar positions.  Training and development are key to staff retention and when you are able to connect staff between venues, they have professional colleagues they can share industry practices with and advice.

Stewart Elsmore
Director of Residential Services, Cranfield University

Henley Conferences

Henley Conferences has been part of Venues of Excellence for many years now. One of the main reasons being that the venue fits perfectly within the criteria of being an ‘excellent conference centre’ but also helps with marketing an individual property. Like all venues we need to make the most of our budget and Venues of Excellence offers support in many ways and should not be viewed as just a means of generating business. The sharing of information, industry learning and colleague support are all crucial to all the members.

Activity carried out within the membership is varied and Henley Conferences were delighted to be involved in a Regional Familiarisation Trip for Conference Agents over the Halloween Weekend. Featuring Missenden Abbey, Moor Hall and Henley Conferences, the trip combined with a Murder Mystery Theme throughout, something that was really quite unique but thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and will stay in the memory of those that attended. We can’t wait until the next one!

Carol Shearman
Business Development Manager, Henley Conferences


imago has participated in the Venues of Excellence Chefs Challenge for many years. We see it as a fabulous opportunity to develop young talent in our catering team. The competition provides an excellent platform for coaching, mentoring and developing chefs and service staff. The experience is challenging and takes individuals outside of their comfort zone, offering an ideal opportunity for them to unlock and discover their real potential. The competition has helped many of our participants to improve their ability, skills, confidence and self-belief. It has often been a catalyst for renewed focus, improved performance and fuelled both ambition and aspirations.

Entries are always a team effort as there is input and support from other catering colleagues. It encourages teamwork and works extremely well as a team building exercise. If you are lucky enough to come away with a prize at the end it is a fantastic morale booster and gives the team a massive sense of achievement. The awards ceremony is always great value and presents a fantastic opportunity for your teams to network with other Venues of Excellence members, benchmark against the extremely high standards of cuisine and service provided by the host venue, celebrate and even reward and recognise.

We will continue to use the Chefs Challenge to develop our young talent, improve skills, encourage succession and build a catering team for the future. I have always been a great supporter of the competition and have seen it evolve and develop over the years thanks to the generous support of Venues of Excellence colleagues, members, suppliers and sponsors. I even had the chance to participate as a judge last year, which was a great privilege and a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

We are hoping to put our first ever team of apprentices into the competition this year and as always I am looking forward to the journey, the challenge and most importantly how it will motivate and develop our young participants.

Guy Hodge
Operations Manager, Burleigh Court, imago @ Loughbrough University

Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

Venue Best Practice Exchange:  Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel and Moller Centre – Creating Sparks.

A shared passion in delivering innovative technology services to our conference clients has sparked an ongoing series of visits between The Moller Centre in Cambridge and the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel (formerly The Beardmore) near Glasgow.  When we were thinking of introducing a dedicated technical support role six years ago, we looked to other Venues of Excellence venues for inspiration and ideas.  We were impressed with the Moller approach to technology and innovation and modelled some of our plans on their structure.  With the new team in place the first visit from Glasgow to Cambridge took place five years ago with our Food and Beverage Manager and Technical Co-ordinator spending a couple of days at the Moller looking at their technology infrastructure in particular but also absorbing the modus operandi of this dynamic conference venue.  Relationships were forged between the two teams and a few months later a small group from the Moller made the trip north to Glasgow.  This was the beginning of fruitful and valuable relationship between the two venues and over the years good practice and new ideas have been exchanged on a variety of conference topics from food service, business objectives to staff restructuring. Technology and innovation remains at the core of our shared passion and the new Innovation Centre at the Golden Jubilee has sparked much interest.  Three of our team including our General Manager spent a couple of days in the Moller last year and came back inspired, enriched and valued.  This is without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of Venues of Excellence membership.  Shared values, vision and a trust and respect for each other.

Bronagh Bell
Director, Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

College Court Conference Centre and Hotel

Being a member of Venues of Excellence is something that we include in our Marketing budget every year as standard. Not only do we receive some excellent enquiries and have converted some great bookings we also measure our membership through other avenues such as the invaluable support we receive from other VOE Member Venues.

This year we have invested in our B&B business with the addition of a B&B module in our guest management system. However, during this journey we had heard some negative feedback. We put the feelers out to other members who had already implemented this system and were welcomed by two venues to go and see their product, discuss the options, talk through any issues and learn from their journey.

This was so important to us in making the right decisions to implement a major new system. They greeted us with open arms into their venues, discussed all the details with the operational users and IT specialists and have continued their offer of support going into the future. We wouldn’t have had this kind of advice and guidance had we not been members of VOE.

This is the kind of support that Venues of Excellence is so good for and is fundamental to our business.

Charlotte Sanders
Business Development Manager, College Court Conference Centre and Hotel


Kents Hill Park

I was personally involved in Venues of Excellence since its very conception and Kents Hill Park became a member about 15 years ago. One of the main benefits at the moment is making the trade shows and exhibitions more affordable.

Chris Clarke
General Manager, Kents Hill Park

Venues of Excellence Regional Agency Fam trip

Our 1st Venues of Excellence Regional Agency Fam trip which took place on 30th – 31st October 2015 at Moor Hall was a great success, here’s what some of our guests thought of the event:
I just wanted to send you a big thank you for such a great fam trip. The murder mystery was fantastic and the teams from all the venues were great company – they couldn’t do any more to make us feel welcome.
Judi Oliver
Optimise Hospitality/Venue Directory
 Thank you so much for your hospitality on Friday and Saturday. Gail and I enjoyed ourselves and the wonderful food and entertainment were fantastic. I do not know how I ate so much, but I did and enjoyed it all. Although the three venues are very different and each have many qualities to offer, I am sure that Delegate Conference Services will find some clients to use you all. I do not think we will forget the murder mystery, it was very memorable and we are so happy that we won. We will be placing our certificate on the wall. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Carolyn Molyneux
Delegate Office and Conference Services

Alton Towers

We are delighted to be joining Venues of Excellence. Alton Towers Resort prides itself on the unique meeting and event facilities that we provide, at the very highest standards. To be acknowledged for this is incredibly exciting for us and we look forward to working with other venues within the consortium to share industry insights and best practice.

Karen Johnson
Corporate Sales Manager, Alton Towers Hotel and Conference Centre

The Slate

We are delighted to be part of such a credible and customer centric consortium, positioned at the top end meetings sector. Our new venue The Slate is a testament to the changing needs of the meeting and events industry. It is a single-storey, completely open and unrestricted 650 square metre space, that is distraction-free and available for exclusive-use only. This in addition to the venue’s flexibility, makes it the optimum solution for the clients that work with Venues of Excellence.

Rachael Bartlett
Head of Sales and Marketing, The Slate