A family business producing exclusive award winning wines for almost 200 years.

12 owned estates across Italy, USA and Chile plus a quality selection of wines from across the globe.

Offering great value to our customers through direct supply from the vineyards or next day delivery from our UK bonded warehouse.

The benefits:

• We produce and import our wines, cutting the cost of the ‘middle man’ which allows us to offer a competitive price, without compromising the quality.
• As producers we can create bespoke products and labels to suit your specific needs (from style of wine to price point).
• We also have a great range of wines from entry level to premium estates.
• While our focus is on the great Italian wines that we produce, in the UK we also import some select wines from around the world.
• We offer two order options, one from our UK bond and one directly from our Italian warehouse. The second one will guarantee you extremely competitive prices.
• Our customer service and marketing department is always available to assist: from helping with the creation of ad hoc promotional material to arrangement of educational trips to our beautiful family estates.


“Each region has its traditions; each region has its wines”.

At Zonin 1821, we truly believe that by being more environmentally conscious and passing on what we learn, we can make a global difference to the wine industry and beyond.
Our activities span the entire supply chain, from rain water collection at Principi di Butera in Sicily, to our reliance on solar power at Ca’ Bolani in Friuli, to replenishment of local flora and fauna in Rocca di Montemassi in Maremma Tuscany and to conversion to organic farming in Castello di Albola, Rocca di Montemassi and Principi di Butera. Suppliers and their products are also chosen based on our “companywide green standard”, i.e. reduced glass bottles, recycled corks and capsules and 100% recycled plastic coming in and out of the company.

For further information or if you have questions, please get in touch with Roberto Simeone