NFS Technology

Venues across the UK are reporting a boom in meeting bookings, particularly for small or urgent last-minute meetings.

As many companies downsize their premises in response to more agile working, this demand is likely to grow. Digital technology is the key to making the most of this lucrative trend, and is being put to work by many savvy venues across the UK.

Venue management software, such as Rendezvous Events by NFS, streamlines operations with automation, puts business intelligence at your fingertips and simplifies the sales and enquiry process.

Sensitively used, digital technology provides customers with a facility to enquire about selected meeting and event spaces online 24/7. It also relieves staff of manual tasks so they can spend more time engaging with clients.

Venue management software integrates with other systems such as accounting, so clients can pay for a space online, and also ensures accurate billing. It all adds up to creating a positive and efficient customer experience that makes people likely to book again.

In addition, comprehensive reporting delivered by digital technology gives an end-to-end view of the business in real time that informs good planning decisions. It’s a technological recipe for business success.

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