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We all know that the key to successful training is making sure that people retain and recall what they have learned. Whether you’re organising the training or tasked with finding the perfect venue, these 5 top tips will take your training from good to great!

Embrace creativity

Training doesn’t have to be all about a trainer, standing at the front of a ‘classroom’, delivering slides. In most cases, there are opportunities for group work and activities. Sounds simple? Well, it is, but the trick here is to help your attendees to use both sides of their brain. The right-hand side of the brain is where all the passion, fire and creativity comes from; the left is where the logic, organisation and analytical stuff happens. Therefore activities that promote a creative approach to problem-solving will help to fire both sides of the brain leading to a better experience. A great example is a mind-map; these diagrams are visual and therefore great for the right brain, but they also need words that use logic to organise them into categories – the perfect left and right brain exercise!

Add experiences

When a training course covers a few days, it’s important to give the brain some down-time. Find a venue that has opportunities for experiences during the evening or during rest periods. Take The Wing at Silverstone as an example; this world famous motorsport circuit with fantastic conference and event space offers driving simulators for delegates to take advantage of, a great way to have some fun and recharge for more learning.

Alderley Park Conference Centre in Cheshire offers a whole host of experiences from cooking experiences to archery. Whether it’s a quick energiser or a full blow experience that excites and feels like a reward, they can help to keep your group engaged.

Change venues

Running a regular training event? Keep things fresh by moving around. Moving to new venues each time will not only help to break the monotony but can also help innovation and creativity as your delegates can draw inspiration from new surroundings. Alton Towers offers a theme park experience as well as quirky meeting spaces, and the EEF Technology Hub in Birmingham has the backdrop of high-end engineering and remarkable technology. Think about your venue choice as more than just a space with desks in!

Choose the right menu

Harvard Health (amongst others) have published reports about the link between what we put in our bodies and our brain function. In fact, 95% of our serotonin (happy hormone) is produced in the intestinal tract meaning that the food we digest can make or break the ‘feel good’! Ask your venue about ensuring your menus and snacks includes fruits laden with tyrosine (an amino acid found in berries and oranges) which can help keep minds happy and active during your training. If you needed a better excuse to eat chocolate, then you’ll be pleased to hear that good quality dark chocolate is great for memory function (same goes for avocado but perhaps not together!). And of course, don’t forget the importance of hydration, ensure there is plenty of water available!


That’s right, the wonderful buzzword of recent times, gamification. It basically means making things that aren’t normally a game, well, a game! So incorporate quizzes or polls to help keep the energy and promote retention of information. Check out this amazing interactive poll from Design Foundry in the US. This could just have easily been an online survey but by asking people to answer questions using coloured string, they could see how opinions and ideas changed throughout the day!

Flip ➡️ . #AttendeeActivation + #LiveInfoGraphic 📌 This custom activation station allowed guests to share a bit of their background and values with other attendees, while gathering info for our hosts. . We’re showcasing an event today that truly proves that regardless of size, any conference can be a memorable and engaging experience. We partnered up with our friends at @bpimedia to design the DC #PowerUpSummit2018. . . . 📐#teamdf | 💡#electrumproductions | 📸 @jasondixsonphoto | 🏛 @intercontinentaldcwharf . . . #lovewhatyoudo #eventdesign #eventdecor #eventproduction #eventfabrication #decor #design #scenicdesign #scenicproduction #dc #dcevents #igdc #eventplanning #meetingplanning #eventmanagement #eventplanners #meetingplanners #eventprofs #meetingprofs #womenindesign #womenownedbusiness #events #eventlife @bizbash

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So there you have it, five ideas to help keep your training sessions exciting and promote learning retention!

If you’re looking for training venues then please get in touch and we can help you find the perfect place to inspire and create experiences whatever your event.