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Venues of Excellence Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Our privacy statement explains what personal data Venues of Excellence collects from you, through our interactions with you and how we use that data.

Our Privacy Policy is reviewed regularly to accommodate changes in the Data Protection legislation and guidance.

This Privacy Policy was updated in July 2018.

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Venues of Excellence is the trading name of Conference Centres of Excellence Ltd.   Venues of Excellence controls personal data about our business contacts and their representatives.  This means that we are responsible for ensuring that the personal data is used fairly and lawfully.

Our Company Registration Number is 4998024 and our registered office is at 2 Old School Gardens, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 9JB.

If you have any queries about this privacy policy, you can contact us by the following methods:
Email: or Tel: 0345 230 1414.



Venues of Excellence invites individuals within member venues to provide their personal information to enable them to be communicated by:

  • Venues of Excellence about membership events and networking events
  • Venues of Excellence about Sales and Marketing opportunities
  • Preferred Partners about products and services they are offering to member venues
  • Venues of Excellence in partnership with Paje Consultancy Ltd in relation to the Learning and Development Academy
  • Member Venue details are held within the password secured area of the Venues of Excellence website to enable members to network with fellow members

Venues of Excellence holds the membership in a secure database electronically – should you wish to amend the information held on the database please contact our Membership Manager, on 0345 230 1414.

Venues of Excellence collects data to operate efficiently and provide you with the best experience with our membership and venue finding service. You provide some of this data directly, such as through our venue finding service, meeting with us at exhibitions, networking events and through your interaction with our Eshots. We may also receive information from our member venues who are working in partnership with Venues of Excellence on sales and marketing projects.

From the various sources we collect data from, we will collect:
Name and contact details
This is the basic personal data about you, your place of work, and how to get in touch with you, including your name, job title, location, telephone number and email address. We will also collect through Social Media handles/profiles relating to your information available, no profiling of this information takes place. This information is usually provided directly by the relevant individuals; it could be given over the phone, in an email, via our website, or in person at an event. In addition, we may use marketing lists from our carefully selected data suppliers.

Organisation – related details
This is information about your organisation, your role within it and who your colleagues are.

Login credentials
This is information such as your username and password, which are recorded if you sign up to one of our web-based services or require FTP’s access to securely share files. This information may be provided by you or may sometimes be generated by us (e.g. providing venues with their unique username and password to access our Members Area of the website.)

Contact history
This information is about our dealings with you, such as information we have sent you, who at Venues of Excellence knows you, and what events you have attended. It would also include information we have collected in relation to your use of our Venue Find service. It also includes your behaviour in response to our interactions with you, such as whether you have opened our emails, clicked on a link or watched a video. We produce these records ourselves.

Device Information
This is information about the devise you are using to access our websites, such as the type of device, its operating system, its IP address, and what cookies are on it. We produce these records ourselves by monitoring your use of the website.

Website Usage
This is information about your use of our website, such as what pages you have visited and what content you have downloaded.

You are free to choose whether or not you give us your personal data. However, if you are looking to work with Venues of Excellence through Venue Membership, Venue Find or our Learning and Development Academy, we might not be able to provide you with these services if you do not provide us with the information we need in order to do so.

This section explains the basis on which we process your personal data.

Legitimate Interests

The United Kingdom’s Data Protection Law allows the use of your personal data where necessary for legitimate purposes provided that this isn’t outweighed by the impact it may have on you. For most of our processing activities, we rely on the laws ‘legitimate interests’ condition for processing personal data.

The legitimate interests we are pursuing are:

We have an interest in promoting our services and those of our members to our clients and potential clients by email, telephone and post.

Communicating with clients and potential clients to share the full range of services offered
Clients and potential clients have an interest in learning about the full range of services offered. We have an interest in learning about our clients and potential clients so that we can understand more fully the services and information which could be of interest to them.

Membership to Venues of Excellence
Communicate with venues who have the potential to become part of the Venues of Excellence consortium and to find out more information relating to the benefits of membership.

Learning and Development Academy
To communicate with hospitality companies who seek to train and develop their team members with a range of tailormade training courses.

Commercial Interests
As a commercial organisation, we seek to earn revenue through the services we provide to our clients.

Venues of Excellence is a well established collection of exceptional venues delivering excellence in conferences, training and events.  We market our services to existing clients and potential clients, to grow our business and through our Venue Find to work with our member venues and other venues to deliver conference, training and event business.  In addition, we offer support to venues and a comprehensive Learning and Development Academy to the hospitality sector.

To achieve our aims, Venues of Excellence has a legitimate interest to process personal data to identify clients and potential clients, whose roles in their company are likely to use our services and communicate this to them, either by phone, email, post or face to face meetings.  A Legitimate Interest Assessment was conducted to establish Legitimate Interest as a lawful basis for processing personal data for these purposes.

Other Grounds

Occasionally, we may have other grounds to process personal data and these are listed below, along with examples of the circumstances in which they might apply:

Necessary for performance of a contract or to take steps for entering into a contract

When you join our consortium through Membership, use our Venue Find Service or sign up to our Learning and Development Academy, we will need to use your details in order to provide these services.

Necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation

Government bodies, courts and regulators have powers to order us to provide information and, like any other organisation, we sometimes have to comply to their requests.

Service Providers

We may provide your information to third parties who help Venues of Excellence use it for the purposes described in ???

Examples are:

  • Our Venue Find Service provides your details on confirmation from you of an event
  • Venues or Excellence will share your details with stand partners at exhibitions and networking events
  • Our database of personal data may be hosted by third parties on our behalf
  • We use a third party email broadcasting service to send you service and marketing emails
  • We might use a printing company to produce and send personalised direct mail for marketing purposes
  • We may use telesales and marketing research companies to gain a better insight into our clients

Whilst this information may be provided to third parties, these service providers will not be permitted to use your information for their own business purposes or on behalf of other organisations, unless you agree in advance otherwise.

Business Transfers

If we sell our business to a third party, we will transfer personal data to the company that acquires the business.


We may be asked to pass personal data to a regulator such as the Information Commissioner’s Office,

Within Europe

Venues of Excellence is based in the United Kingdom, and we will access and use your information from here.


We also send information elsewhere in the world, for example:

  • Where we use cloud-based technology or a data centre or back up facility overseas.  In such instances, people in other countries may also need to access that database for purposes such as technical support or system development and testing.
  • Whilst countries within the European Union all ensure a high standard of data protection law, some parts of the world may not provide the same level of legal protection in relation to personal data.  As a result, when we do send personal data overseas, we will make sure that suitable safeguards are in place to protect the information.  Such safeguards may include:
    • Putting in place a contract with the recipient containing terms which have been approved by the authorities as providing a suitable level of protection
    • Sending the information to an organisation which is a member of a scheme which has been approved by the authorities as providing a suitable level of protection.  An example would be a ‘Privacy Shield’ scheme that has been agreed between the European and US authorities.

If your information has been sent overseas like this, you can obtain further information about the safeguards used by contacting us using the details in ‘Who are Venues of Excellence and How Can You Contact Us.

Venues of Excellence will not keep your personal data for longer than we need to.

If you are a representative of one of our clients or potential clients, this means that we will normally keep your data while you or your employer has an ongoing relationship with us or if you have demonstrated an interest in our services within the past six years.  You can request us to delete it earlier as explained in ‘Your Right in Respect of the Personal Data that we hold about you.’

We use certain profiling techniques in order to help us to understand our clients and potential clients.  This, in turn, helps us to understand which people might be interested in which of our services.

We do not use automated decision-making or profiling to make any decisions that will significantly affect you.

You have several different rights in relation to the personal data that we hold about you.  To enquire about exercising these rights indicated below, please use the contact details in ‘Who we are and how you can contact us.’

Access: You have the right to find out what personal data we hold about you and certain other information such as how long we are using it.

Objection to direct marketing: You have the right to object to us using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.  If you do this, we will stop using it for these purposes.

In addition, since 25th May 2018, you also have the following rights:

Rectification: If you believe that information that we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, you have a right to ask us to correct it.

Objection to legitimate interests: If you disagree with us relying on the legitimate interests found for using your personal data (see ‘What are our Legal Grounds for handling Personal Data’), you can object to us doing so.  We will reassess the extent to which we can continue to use the data in light of your particular circumstances.  In the case of emails that are sent on the basis of legitimate interest, you can do this by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link.

Erasure: In certain circumstances you can ask us to delete your personal data from our systems.  However, this usually won’t apply to all of your data because we might have good reason for needing to keep some of it.  For example, to communicate with you in regard to your membership, or with regards to a booking with our Venue Find service or where we need to keep some of it to ensure we don’t contact you if we receive your details again in the future.

Restriction: In certain circumstances, you can ask us to restrict the way in which we use your personal data.

Portability: You have the right to receive limited kinds of information in a portable format.

You can contact us at any time to discuss the personal data we are holding.

Telephone: 0345 230 1414


A member of our team will contact you to discuss the information we are holding and make any changes required. In you receive our promotional emails, you can unsubscribe at any time by taking the link which appears at the bottom of the email communication.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which is the body that regulates the handling of personal data in the United Kingdom.  You can do this online through the ICO’s website at, by telephone on 0303 123 1113, or by writing to them at Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF.

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We will store all the personal information you provide on our secure (password and firewall-protected) servers.