Food for Thought

Food for thought

Feel Good Food at Holywell Park Conference Centre

Food for Thought

Food choice can be one of the biggest challenges in event planning, now more than ever. According to ONS in the UK we eat out more than we have in 5 years, spending on average £45 per week in restaurants and hotels (March 2016) and therefore our food expectations are higher. Not only do we expect better food, but we also expect choice and dietary requirements to be catered for too. With an abundance of food choices available, it’s no wonder our venues are inundated with requests for new cuisines and styles, such as South American or Asian style street food. As an event planner, this presents us with huge opportunities as well as huge pressure to impress.

In addition to consumer expectation, we also know (as emphasised by Harvard Health) that what we put into our bodies can directly impact our brain function and mood. So, when planning an exceptional event, how many of us think about how the food choice supports delivery of client objectives? 95% of our serotonin (happy hormone) is produced in the intestinal tract meaning that the food we digest can make or break the ‘feel good’ in our events! Excellent quality ingredients, a reduction in processed foods and increase in the ‘good fats’ can all help in creating the perfect menu.

So which ingredients should we consider?

Making sure the menu includes fruit snacks can help your delegates maintain their concentration and creativity. For example, berries and oranges all contain an amino acid called Tyrosine which can help to keep your mind active and creativity flowing. Steve Jobs, a self-proclaimed ‘fruitarian’ was adamant that his diet of fruit, seeds and nuts fuelled his creativity.

Avocado and dark chocolate can all help to boost your memory and maintain focus – perfect for those meetings requiring decision making or educational events.

Proteins, in particular eggs, contain a B vitamin called choline which can help to maintain energy and cognitive function so try adding hard boiled eggs to salad and sandwiches.

So why not consider how you can wow at your next event by considering the objective of the meeting and how food can play a part in its success. Use our complimentary venue finding service now to find your perfect venue.