Excellence in Practice: Lumley Castle


In the first of our new Excellence in Practice features, we meet Lumley Castle – a historic venue dating back to the 14th century.

The team at the venue, which boasts elegant event spaces suitable for everything from Elizabethan Banquets to fairytale weddings, has recently turned towards a contemporary trend to enhance the customer experience.

They’ve introduced an escape room at the castle, called ‘Lily of Lumley’ – a haunting experience that sees visitors working their way through ancient rooms to find the ghostly Lily of Lumley and free her from the curse.

Here, we speak to Lauren College, sales manager at Lumley Castle, about the idea and how it’s enhanced the venue’s offering:

Where did the idea of introducing an escape room into the venue come from?

The idea came from myself having lived in Manchester, where I used escape room activities as both a team building opportunity and also to entertain clients. I’d always found them to be great fun. We wanted to offer something different that would draw people to visit Lumley Castle, even if they weren’t attending a function or staying over, and the escape room idea fitted perfectly.

How did the idea come together?

Myself and our managing director discussed the opportunity and I started researching and contacting established escape companies. We spoke with a few, but Sam who we currently work with shone through because of his enthusiastic approach and passion. A week or so later he came in an presented some initial concepts to us and the rest was history!

How has the escape room enhanced your offering as a venue?

We’re seeing clients coming through the door who may not have otherwise thought to visit and it’s having a positive impact on food and beverage sales, too, as people are sticking around before or after their time in the escape room.

We’ve also had some great conferences here that have incorporated the activity into the day for their delegates, with teams of up to six able to be accommodated.

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