Nov 05 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

How to energise and transform your remote sales team

Speaker: Alex Moyle

How to improve your remote sales teams performance What would you have done if 12 months ago your sales team asked to work from home? Physically twitched? Thought “I do not trust you all to work as hard as you need?” Asked “Why do you think you will all perform as well at home as in the office with the support of the team?

Yet, here we are 12 months later and the majority of sales professionals are working from home some or all of the time.

Good news, is the world has not ended. Yet, the adrenaline and fear that kept sales teams going for the first 6 months is starting to wain. Working through Covid-19 is turning into an endurance event.

Uncertainty is still affecting many industries, and many people are struggling with the new normal. This leaves many Leaders trying to figure out how to motivate, and manage the performance of their remote sales teams.

In this webinar Alex Moyle author of “Business Development Culture” will share practical strategies to help Leaders improve the performance of sales teams whilst working remotely. Alex is keen to address some of the specific issues you face, so if you have a situation that you would like him to address please email him at and he will anonymously discuss your situation on the webinar.

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