Covid-19 – A message to you, our members

A message from Mandy Jennings, executive director at Venues of Excellence.

Dear members,

These are truly unprecedented times for our industry and, as we each try to navigate our way through the uncertainty, I wish to remind our valued members that Venues of Excellence is here to help and support wherever possible.

During this difficult period, we must work together to share ideas and solutions, collaborating across cities and countries to respond and react to the rapidly changing environment as best we can.

As a Venue of Excellence, you exist because you excel across all areas, delivering the very best experience and service the industry has to offer, pushing the boundaries of our industry through innovation and creativity.

Through these coming days, weeks and months, we urge you take strength in that fact and to utilise that creativity and innovation wherever possible, as we endeavour to tackle these challenging conditions together.

Remember, we are here for you as a sounding board, to provide advice and support wherever possible and we encourage you to share your own ideas, thoughts and best practice with your fellow members on our LinkedIn group.

With best wishes on behalf of the entire team at Venues of Excellence,

Mandy Jennings
Executive Director